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Originally Posted by hybris4u View Post
I have now tested two media adapters in my car. They don't fit perfect. It flex in the back and as seen in the pictures posted by CJ its not aligned. Like 3-5 mm sticking up. I have tested to push the back of the adapter down and then it connects. Works for while and then all of a sudden stops working again. Its like the media adapter is not connected good enough and really "clicking in". Its like I say flexing in the back. The finish feels crappy in general. Funny as the adapter is very expensive... When it works the fan is pretty loud.

I would say this is a construction issue. Would love to hear input from all people that have it working fine how the fit is in their cars? If you can post a picture. I have had three different levels of "connectivity". 1: nothing at all. Not even loading the battery. 2: loading the battery but not connecting with apps. 3. Everything works including apps.

Another really crappy fact is that BMW Apps application in the iPhone is not written to work in the background. Se even if you have started it you still need to actively go into the app again to make it connect. That is very uncomfortable if you have a pin lock on our mobile. (which is usually corporate enforced policies for most corporate email systems). BMW could easily fix this by updating the BMW apps "app" on intones to work as a background app much like Spotify, Navigon etc.
I have not had any issues with the adapter and my iPhone 4S. It seems to click in just fine. One thing I did notice - although I don't think it matters - is that while the part numbers for your adapter and the one I have are the same the small number beginning with the letter P is different, (P11001302034 versus P11001370276).

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