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128i SSK question

So I just had the shift lever from the BMW performance SSK installed and had a few questions.

When I first got the car back, my initial impression was that the throws were shorter but after a few minutes I couldn't really tell the difference. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Did I just get used to the new shifter that quickly? The reason I ask is that when I looked at the stock shift lever that the tech left in the passenger footwell, it looks more or less identical to the replacement part, albeit somewhat worn and w/o the Performance part number sticker. Unfortunately, I didn't do the install myself, so I couldn't compare the two parts side by side. In any case, I don't feel like there is a "night and day" difference in the throws - should there be?

Secondly, the new shifter is notchy as hell. Probably just needs to be broken in, right?

Thanks for any comments.