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Originally Posted by -cj- View Post
This is really frustrating. It sounds like there's no true compatible snap in modules for our cars... I highly doubt they're supposed to stick out like that, or that we're supposed to be running into these "It works today...oh wait, never mind" issues

On a side note, does everyone's ConnectedDrive have a built in web browser? I can't tell if our cars are supposed to support the browser or not? Mine doesn't have it displayed. I'm wondering how I can fix that, if it's supposed to have it...
I really do not think the fact it sticks out means much of anything. It is not that bad and does not prevent the lid from closing. In fact, I did not notice it at first and even now it does not bother me at all. I have not had any connectivity issues at all. Not one single disconnect or difficulty connecting. No problems with bmw apps at all. Not trying to rub it in, just trying to help.

I should also add mine is synced with BT and I often use BT instead of the cradle, example the phones in my pocket and I know its charged so that should not be the problem.

In the US at least, the web browser only works with the BMW Assist premium.