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I bought this 1M used, driven only about 7000 km. The first owner had painted the roof and the mirrors gloss black, not wrapped. When I saw the pictures I thought that it looks strange why he hasn't painted the lists also, but like the 270m wheels it looks really good in reality and you won't even notice it. And it creates a visual influence that the roof looks narrower and the hips even wider. I recommend to use gloss.

My buddy had a X6 wrapped matte black and the roof was 3M carbon wrap, it was a good mixture. Another friend has a 330 xda wagon wrapped matte white and his roof is also 3M carbon, and looks great. So maybe matte + matte and gloss + gloss is the best choice.

I thought of studded tires also like you, but I'm really happy with these tires. My X5 has also Conti SUV contact tires without studs and it works great, even in Lapland. Ice can be a little problem, but in here it's usually just lots of snow