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Originally Posted by Riley1524
Originally Posted by Evice View Post
Driving my e36 racecar with an SSK, always makes me appreciate the already-so-damn-short stock shifter throw on my 128i.

I do not know what else people want! It is already so short!
I respectfully disagree.... While the 128i shifts nice, I would hardley call it short or race inspired. Now, if you want a nice, short, race inspired gear box from a factory shifter, drive an S2000.... Best stock shifter in the biz. Although the S2000 is tourqless, I miss that car so much just for the feeling it gives you when driving it.
My previous car was an AP1 s2000, and I completely agree with this comment.

S2k gearbox was modeled after the NSX, which in turn was modeled after Hondas indycar gearboxes. S2k is the best gearbox I have experienced this side of Porsche.