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The range is about 100miles depending on a bunch of factors like speed, temperature, terrain, etc. If you like to drive aggressively...plan on 50 miles...In the MiniE, it is roughly the same, we have ran out of juice a couple of times which meant we were towed home. It's important to know where your level 2 240V chargers are if you plan to travel more than 80 miles on that day.

Some interesting stats ActiveE vs MiniE
HP: 168 vs 204
Weight: 4000lb vs 3300lb
Battery: 31kWh vs 35kWh (roughly leaving a 100w light bulb on for 300 hours. At 15 cents a kWh, it costs $4.65 for a full charge, which is roughly 5 cents a mile.)
Battery Cooling: Liquid vs. Air (Hard acceleration and constant regen braking will cause batteries to overheat pretty quickly...around 50 miles)

The MiniE was one of the fun-est cars I have ever driven. It's hard to see it go, so much torque off the line, FWD, and skinny was hard to hold the steering wheel straight. It's sad to see that car will never make it into production. It was lacking the basics, including bluetooth, NAV, and had an incorrect battery gauge...The regen braking was VERY aggressive...probably my favorite part of the car. You let up on the gas and the car would come to a stop in several hundred feet. You never need the brake unless you are about to rear end someone. It even needed a software update from keeping the car from going into neutral on the freeway.

The ActiveE is the refined MiniE, it's a tiny bit slower, but comes with all of the luxuries of BMW. Still no power seats, probably because it's already 4000 lbs. It's RWD and the power is a lot more smooth. It has the ugliest rims in the world...and the wheel gap is like a X5...we'll fix that soon. The regen braking is not as aggressive compared to the MINIE, but stronger than the Volt (L mode also).

These cars are so fast off of the line and especially overtaking between 40-60mph. Once you get up to 70mph, it's pretty boring...I really do believe EVs are the future, especially in performance driving. Let's just hope BMW comes up with more cars...quickly!