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Custom Services - Exhaust Pipe Polishing

One of our custom detailing services include exhaust pipe polishing.

Why polish exhaust pipes?

Well, simply because we want them to look good!
You've just polished the rest of the car, dressed your wheels and tyres and glass is clean.
The only thing left to do on the exterior are the exhaust pipes.
Polishing removes water marks, stains and contaminants around the tips. It is a must for show cars!

What methods are used when polishing exhausts?

1. Metal polish paste/wool (main method)
2. Various grades of sanding (depends on material and coating)

Either method can be done by hand or machine.

Do they stay clean for long?

This E46 M3 has stock stainless steel exhaust tips. 18 months after exhaust polishing, they still look like new and they are very easy to maintain