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Custom Services - Wheel Waxing

Another one of TWD's custom services - Wheel Waxing

I had a client who purchased set of BBS CH-Rs for his M3 a couple of weeks back and wanted to get them waxed.

Why Wax your Wheels?

It's the same reason we wax our car - Protection (and that extra gloss).
This process helps repel tar, brake dust build up and other road grime from your wheels and inside the barrels.

This system makes cleaning your wheels a lot easier and is recommended for anyone who is looking to purchase or just purchased a new set of wheels, although it can be performed on any wheels.

TWD recommend cleaning your wheels weekly.

What is the Procedure for Waxing your Wheels?

1. Clean your wheels - use an acid free wheel cleaner
2. Dry your wheels using a clean microfibre.
3. Clay the wheels and wipe of any residue.
4. Optional step - light hand polish (non abrasive)
5. Use a pre wax cleaner to ensure the surface is ready for your wax.
6. Apply a wax (wheel wax or car body wax) to every section of the wheel (Face, barrel, behind spokes, lips, etc)
7. Once your wax is cured, wipe of wax.
8. Apply a sealant.

It's really up to you what products you want to use. It's also easier to remove wheels before starting.

Typically, this process should last around 6 - 8 months, depending on driving style, storage, maintenance, etc.


Notice brake dust on the face & grime and tar build up inside barrels.


Glossy and unmarked.

Fitted to car.