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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
Put me down for a set. 18x9.5 ET22, 18x10.5 ET27 - Hyper Black
You don't need to add your name to the list anymore. You can simply proceed to checkout through the links below.


The Group Buys are Now open for official sign-up and payment. Simply follow the links to the checkout page.

The "feeler" list is now meaningless. You are not part of the Group Buy until you've completed checkout. A new "paid" list is being created. If you would like to join the Group Buy, you do not need to add your name to any list. Simply follow the links to checkout and read all the details. We will add you to the paid list ourselves.

CLICK HERE for Group Buy #5 check out page

CLICK HERE for Group Buy #6 check out page

Color Availability Shortage:

Based on anticipated demand from the feeler list, we do not have enough of one of the finishes, in two of the sizes to complete all orders. BUT we have a solution! As of right now, this issue has the potential of impacting only 5-6 orders between the two rounds, and we can potentially bring that down to zero.

The inventory we hold on hand is based on historical demand for each finish from the past 3 years, and this specific Group Buy had unusually high demand for one of the finish in two sizes. We will have more then enough wheels in each size, just not enough of that individual finish. We would disclose the specific finish, but because this is the start of the Group Buy and no orders have officially been placed, we want to avoid major swings in demand that could cause more harm then good to the discounts reached.


To handle this issue we've come up with some minor modifications to the Group Buy format that we considered implementing in the past:

Finish availability will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Members will now have the option to select between 3 choices at checkout regarding their finish choice.
  1. Only accept the original finish choice. If it's out of stock, the order will be automatically cancelled at the close of the Group Buy
  2. Select an alternative finish choice. If the first choice is no longer available, the order will be adjusted to the secondary finish choice. If the secondary choice is also unavailable, the order will automatically be cancelled. If for any reason you don't care what finish you get, please note that in the comment field at checkout. We will determine adjustments at the close of the group buy based on one of two methods. If the max tier is reached, then any finish adjustments needed would be based solely on order of payment received. If the max tier is not reached, then orders will be adjusted in a way to maximize the number of participants, thus reaching the highest tier possible for the group as a whole. In this second scenario, priority will be allocated to members ordering staggered setups of a low availability finish, in order to create the most sets possible.
  3. Select the option to wait until the first finish choice is back in stock. If there is enough inventory, wheels would ship right away to these customers. If it is out of stock, then the order will be back-ordered. We have another huge batch of wheels that is almost complete, and they will be arriving in March. Members who select this option will lock in their discount pricing and are guaranteed to receive their first finish choice. This is ideal for those who can wait if needed, and are unwilling pick an alternative finish. In previous Group Buys, all members would wait 4-6 weeks after the close date of the Group Buy to receive their wheels, so this format is not new. We are looking at the same exact time line for the next large shipment arrival, and we'll have a much more accurate ETA date in a few weeks, so there will be no surprises.

Close Date Extension: In addition to the above modifications we will also extended the close date of the Group Buy by two days, to allow for additional sign-ups. The new close date is now February 2nd at 12pm midnight pacific time. This should allow for additional sign-ups to help compensate for any possible decrease in orders caused by the above complications.