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Originally Posted by ezeedee View Post
I've got an 08, so i have a key to the trunk
haha, that's one of the reasons chose the one i did when i was looking at used ones... mine was an early build date 09, so strangely it has all the 08 pieces, but an 09 build date.

I believe there's another Braille battery that is only about 2-3lbs more meant more for street use as the 12lb one is more recommended for race due to it's charge holding abilities, or lack of...

Depending what sort of climate you're in, you might have issues if you have a cold morning and such.

Just some food for thought. I was debating doing an Optima in my car, I've had one in every other car I've owned, and they are still less then half the size of the BMW battery, but still well up into the 20lbs range.