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not long......

I've replaced a battery, pleaded like hell with the dealership to do it too (was on a road trip and didn't trust it)

a ferry ride that took an hour, I ran the radio for about 25 minutes with the headlights off, no interior lights, and no angels on (double checked) I became worried and chickened out knowing if it didn't start there would be 100 angry cars behind me

sadly, it barely started. And i mean barely. when i did try to start the car, low charge light came one for a second and it hesitated badly.

I also sat in the car for 20 minutes while someone was coding my car, it barely started that time too and had the charge light come up. Dealership found nothing wrong with my battery.

I straight up asked "so, if i were to take a date to the drive in movies, would i be better off in my car or my jeep?"

They laughed and said, "there's still drive in movies??? Definitely take the jeep, don't even think twice, you won't be leaving the parking lot!"