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Upgrade my 118d

Hello all!

I am new to this Forum and the BMW world!

I just bought a 118d and have to say its a very very nice car! an amazing driving experience all and all.

I have been researching a bit and wanted to know what were the mechanical differences betwen the 118d and the 120d.

The reason is that I am interested in getting the power kit offered by BMW but its for the 120d.

I know its the same engine, but I am pretty sure there are differences between the turbo, intercooler, clutch, ECU settings, etc, and I really want to know what they are in order to start a plan which I can do little by little.

My goal is reaching the 200+ horse power while still keeping the economy of the car (fuel consuption) and placing the right parts that would withstand the use I will give it.

Additionally, anyone knows a good place to work on my car in Germany, or near Germany that is not sooo expensive? I guess if I go to a BMW it will be ultra expensive.

Additioanlly, I wanted your opinion on getting for the car: the parking sensors and sunroof (my car didnt have this options).

Thanks to all!