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Originally Posted by dh58 View Post

i would offer to help but I don't know the legal situations etc surrounding it..

There's a number of companies that can provide you with a US address and then you just have your goods shipped there and they will on-ship to you in Australia (or anywhere).

I have used shipito for a number of years and they have been very good. Some of the higher volume retailers can get lower rates so it pays to check both the price of the item you're buying plus their shipping rate.

Big items / awkward sized items can be expensive. They shipped 4 wheels to me for about $540 including insurance, they arrived in 5 days, no other fees except their fees which are low (maybe <$20, can't remember).

The package for 2 wheels worked out to be;

51.10 lbs (23.17 kg)
23"23"23" (595959 cm)

The wheels weighed less than 20lb each, but they were packed really well!