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This Group Buy is now CLOSED

We will now adjust invoices as needed so that all members are charged for the correct total regardless of what time they joined. If you paid with a credit card directly, you were only authorized for the amount due at checkout. Credit card orders will be charged at the lower adjusted price. If you paid via PayPal, then you've already been charge. PayPal customers will receive a refund for any difference due.

Shipments are being fulfilled based on order of payment and finish option (only first, either of two, or back-order). 80% of shipments will be going out next week, ahead of schedule. 10% of orders that sold out are arriving in approximately 10 days and will ship by mid February as promised. The remaining back-ordered finishes will ship out in March. Customers who must be back-ordered until March will be notified via email by February 8th. Customers who paid later and did not select an alternate finish or the option to back-order may have their order cancelled due to being sold out. These customers will be contacted by February 8th with an offer to modify their order or cancel.

It will take us 1-2 business days to process all the adjustments and charges/refunds. Please note it may take 24-48 hours from the time your account is charged or refunded to reflect the proper total.

We will be sending out revised invoices and tracking numbers to customers as their orders are processed.

Here are the final list totals:

Official PAID member list:
1. Sanju R.
2. Darren K.
3. Aaron M.
4. Evan B.
5. Kevin L.
6. William T.
7. Alex B.
8. Patrick S.
9. Nicholas R.
10. Mike C.
11. Paul H.
12. Benjamin O.
13. John A.
14. Vincent M.
15. Philip O.
16. Christian C.
17. Andrew W.
18. Arash K.
19. Jin Y.
20. Kalson C.
21. Richard S.
22. James C.
23. Simon H.
24. Chris C.
25. Andrei L.
26. Alexander G.
27. Christopher H.
28. Leslie D.
29. Carlos F.
30. Wes W.
31. Matthew C.
32. Ivan S.
33. Michael R.
34. Patty C.
35. Gary B.
36. Eric K.
37. Eric T.
38+39. John C.
40. Scott S.
41. Dmitri G.
42. Salvador B.
43. Mark C.
44. Michael S.
45. Ken L.
46. James R.
47. Sean T.
48. Ray P.
49. Ethan C.
50. Greg O.
51. John M.
52. Ryan M.
53. Ryan B.

Official PAID member list:
1. John S.
2. Tim T.
3. Shane B.
4. Kenneth B.
5. James W.
6. Matthew S.
7. Andreas M.
8. Vladimir F
9. Anton G.
10. Ryan H.
11. Blair W.
12. Scott B.
13. Hsiao-Wei
14. Michael R.
15. Peter F.
16. Thotsakhan X.
17. Gerald T.
18. Matt G.
19. Francisco P.
20. Martin M.
21. Martin M.
22. Martin M.