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Thanks Ian

I would appreciate if someone else could verify the first 10 digits as well by having a quick look at their VIN.
There is no need for the last 7 digits, I am only trying to get my head around the first 10.

As far as I'm aware it should be as follows.

Digit 1 - Country of origin (the W stands for Germany)
Digit 2-3 - Designates the cars manufacturer (BS designates BMW Motorsport)
Digit 4-7 - Designates the model code (UR92: The 'U' is for a 1 Series, the 'R' and '9' is part of the model designation but I don't know what, and the '2' means it's an Australian vehicle)
Digit 8? - Designates the restraint system identifier (type of seatbelt/airbag system in the car)
Digit 9? - Designates the 'check digit' which is determined by an algorithm of your VIN
Digit 10 - Designates the model year identifier (in the 1M's case it should only be 'B' for 2011 or 'C' for 2012 produced cars)
Digit 11 - Designates the BMW Plant the vehicle was manufactured in (In all 1M's this will be a 'V' which is the Leipzig Plant)
Digit 12-17 - Designates the Sequential Production Number / Chassis Number.

So minus a few gaps this is how an Australian 1M VIN should read:


If someone could check this understanding against their own that would be great, I hope how I've understood it is correct, but I could be way off.


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