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Originally Posted by ESC OFF View Post
Awesome!! I'm putting mine on tonight and cannot wait to hear it in person! UPDATE: I installed my Remus system after work tonight, install was quick and easy took about an hour from start to finish (I used ramps to get under the car.) After the install I drove the car for about 50 miles, great sound at cold start, quieter than I expected at first but even after 50 miles it has opened up quite a bit. I never had any issues with the stock exhaust "drone" however the Remus system does not have any drone at the 2,400 - 2,600 RMP range in higher gears. Sound is sightly more agressive and deeper at idle, opens up nicely under hard acceleration, fit and finish are superb. It's a great system for the price!
Glad to hear how much you love it!
Glad I could help

More systems arriving early March