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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
What can of worms? You keep coming back to a thread that is seeking a solution to the drone that does exist on this car. If it doesn't bother you great move on. This thread is not intended to continue a debate of whether or not there is a drone or not, anyone who does so is taking the thread OFF TOPIC.
I agree entirely with you, which is why I suggested for the other poster to not bring up whether he believes there is a drone or avoid triggering responses such as the one you just provided. I forgot to unsubscribe since the last time I posted here, which is why I received the email from when s/he posted.

By the way, how's the progress on your solution? Just curious.

EDIT: When I said I agree, I meant the part in bold, as I do not believe my car drones. But I do respect and admire someone's dedication to finding solutions.

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