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Originally Posted by rogbmw View Post
I love my 1M, and it is my DD. But, are there any options to quiet the drone? I have just under 4K miles, and the drone is definitely not going away. In fact, I think it is getting a little worse. In commuting to work, I am at that magic rpm which produces the drone.
Today I installed the N55 midpipes replacement for the N54. I have only driven it for 15 miles, but it SURE helped reduce the Drone! I would say it is 80% gone, and is in a very reduced rpm range. The only place I can hear it is under light load between 2600-2800 rpm-- and even at that range it sounds much better than before-- i.e. a nicer sound.

THe whole system is a "little" deeper/ louder, but only slightly.

I can't comment re any HP /torque changes.