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Originally Posted by tuanlibos93 View Post
Hello Einser M,

First of all Congrats on the exhaust. They are gorgeous.

I Know you only installed them yesterday but I have a few questions.

1. How much louder compared to stock is the car?

2. is the only exhaust modification you have axelback from Meistershaft?

3. On the highway or city, is there drone going at high or low speeds since the system has no muffler?

4. I know you probably work and have many things on your agenda but if at any time you can please upload a nice video of the exhaust and how it sounds I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
1. at WOT it is twice as loud as stock (i believe GT Haus provided decibel #s and this confirms it). at cruising i'd say it's about 30% louder in raw volume

2. i have stock DPs and N55 midpipes with the meisterschaft SUS rear section

3. slight hum at low speeds, at high speeds you will have increased cabin noise, so if you have sensitive ears or if you have sensitive passengers (wife, kids, gfs etc) then i dont think this system is for you. again, this system is loud throughout, but i drive every day to work with passengers in my car , albeit a short drive to work, and so far no complaints, the system can remain very civil with smooth shifts and speeds below 55mph

4. all of that is coming, ive been working (today included) since i installed the system.

i can only (highly) recommend the system for anyone looking for that exhaust that sounds UBER LOUD on WOT and that can set off entire floors of car alarms at the mall