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Gauging interest in an after Katie's Coding session for 1 Series cars. I have an OBDII cable on the way, should be here in a few weeks. I plan on testing the different modules in my car to see which ones can have fun things activated. Once I do that, I will have a list of coding features I can do and a rough idea if how much time it takes.

Here is a partial list of what I believe might be possible...
- //M digital speedometer
- comfort key fob eject
- comfort doors/windows/sun roof/convertible top open and close with key fob
- fold/un fold mirrors with key fob
- activate NOAA weather band in radio
- activate SMS support in radio
- activate timer based ventilation in radio

All these should work with 1 Series and maybe E9x cars. (the modules in those cars are from the same family).