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Originally Posted by ianf View Post
Raj, whats you take on paint protection films like 3M Venture Shield? Thinking full bonnet, half fender, bumper etc. using Ozicozi to do install
Ian, I have it on my CS, it's brilliant!
It's just on the front bar. You wouldn't be able to tell unless I told you, or you had a good look up close.

And yes, speak to Andrew at Ozicozi. They work on most exotics, Lambos, Lotus, Ferrari, etc.

Originally Posted by Zuzu View Post
I am going to use them Ian.. BUT only half bonnet..

Got a massive stone chip on front edge of my bonnet last weekend, which have to get fixed first.

Looks like I was caught in this pix trying to be incognito at the show..
Joe, you look like you're on a mission!

I think there was a Golf there with the half bonnet and half guards done at the show?? It looked like a big scratch in the paint. I prefer the whole panel to be done, but that's just me.

From experience on M3s, you want to also do Mirrors and the front lower portion of the rear fenders (exactly like a 911 Porsche - but they come from factory).