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LOL. True! I don't want to get folks' hopes up too much till I actually get this working. I have the software installed, hopefully updated. Next will be to get the cable drivers working in Windows and actually read in car data.

As far as seatbelt warnings go, there are several, gong and text. The gong can definitely be disabled, as I have seen a spreadsheet list with that on it. Apparently, when you get a BMW delivered in Europe, all these things are customizable. But here in the US, dealers won't do anything that changes the basic spec of the car.

There are a bunch of lighting changes, including fogs on with high beams, fogs on with high beam flash, double flash hazards, DRLs with no tail or marker lights (I want this one) no marker lights (US cars have these turned on all the time) etc. Lots of fun things to experiment with!