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EFI Logics | Custom 135i Cobb AP Calibration Service

With EFI Logics’ introduction, I am proud to announce EFI Logics custom calibration service offered for N54 135i and 335i vehicles using Cobb’s Accessport! For those of you who are unsatisfied with “one size fits all” tuning solutions offered for your BMW, this is the solution you have been waiting for! A custom tune from EFI Logics will help you unlock the potential of your N54 equipped vehicle through custom calibration specific to your vehicle. Off the shelf maps can never match the stability and accuracy of custom calibration. Increase your BMW’s power output, enhance drivability and improve power delivery through remapped boost pressure, timing and air fuel ratios.

Pricing Information
  • Custom Tune - $500 (does not include Cobb Accessport)
  • Re-tunes - $350 (within 1 year)
  • Extra maps - $150 (same day only)
  • Remote Tuning - $300 for the first map and $150 for each additional map needed with the same parts. (Send us an email and ask for our remote tuning guideline for additional information)

Here is what Christian, the Lead Calibrator and Trainer at Cobb Tuning, has to say about EFI Logics:

“I've had the pleasure and privilege of training various tuners/calibrators across the U.S., and a few in Japan as well. Every once in a while you run into someone that impresses you. Chris Kiewert is one of those persons that impressed me a few years ago when we first met. He was always open to discussing ideas, never made assumptions, seldom got into those pissing matches that tuners tend to thrive on, and he always treated his customers and their vehicles with respect. If he thought he was pushing things with the tune he would explain the possible consequences to the customer and would allow them to make the choice to continue or to back off to keep things safe. He did not let the dyno queens compromise his personal experiences and beliefs. Enough of kissing his a**. The whole reason for this post was to wish him the best on his new endeavor, EFI Logics.

Christian (Lead Calibrator / Trainer) - Cobb Tuning / Blog”

2008 135i with EFI Logics Stage 1 Tune vs. 2008 135i with Cobb V301 OTS Map

2008 335xi w/ EFI Logics Stage 1 Tune vs. 2008 335xi w/ Cobb OTS Map

Please contact us with for any inquiries or questions that you may have. We look forward to working with you soon!


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