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Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
I like em but they do look very similar to stock.
Originally Posted by oman135 View Post
stock wheels are my Fav. But this 1 looks awesome!
Agree re similarity and hard-to-beat excellence of the 359M stock wheels, except for one major difference: color/finish. Design similarity: just make a wild guess who manufactures the 359M stock wheels for BMW.

Brief explanation why I got the BBS CH-R wheels instead of a second set of the 359M stock wheels (if you want to skip reading: check the pictures below).

I was looking for a winter set-up. The 270M 18" winter set-up offered by BMW was not exactly my cup of tea (examples: and Although it's definitely functional, IMHO it doesn't do justice to the 1M design-wise. So exit the 270M (18") possibility. Furthermore, for my winter set-up I also had a soft spot for a gunmetal alternative, to have a differently looking 1M at least two times a year (yup, alike the M button: the "two-in-one car" concept ). As we know, the 359M stock wheels are only available in silver (1M) and black (M3 GTS). Should BMW make these available in gunmetal too, I guess many of us would not look any further and get a spare set of those. I did not want to go down the route of powder coating a second set of 359M stock wheels. So exit the 359M (19") possibility too, and enter BBS (19"): BBS CH-R with Satin Titanium finish (only available in 19" or 20"). A decent alternative, easy to fit (no spacers required, just plug and play like the 359M stock wheels) and not even cruelly expensive. Result: silver 359M (19") with summer tires (PS2 or, even better, PSS) in the warmer part of the year, gunmetal BBS CH-R (19") with winter tires (Pirelli Sottozero) in the colder part of the year. Advantage: winter and summer tires with same size specs = interchangeable with both sets of wheels.

Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Looks great, always preferred gunmetal color over black for rims. Aren't the 265s on a 10.5" rim a bit stretched?
To me gunmetal is a fine compromise between the sportiness of black rims and the elegance of silver rims. The black 359M wheels (M3 GTS) are kinda cool, though.

265s are OK in my book. First, it's my winter set-up and I'm pushing the envelope already with 19" instead of 18" wheels (IMHO more than 265s would be inappropriate as winter set-up). Secondly, as stated above, winter and summer tires with same size specs = interchangeable with both sets of wheels. Thirdly, for the 19" BBS CH-R Tire rack recommends the same set-up as for the stock 1M wheels: 245/35-19 front + 265/35-19 rear:

But if you want to max out the summer set-up: forum member Golo must be a brave man, because he fitted the 20" version of the BBS CH-R with 285s + lowered his 1M ( "lowered around 1.5" front and 1" at the back by kw v3 - wheels are 20x9 & 20x10.5 both 24 offset they are 245/30/20 & 285/25/20"). Should I go for such 20" set-up, my front spoiler would be destroyed in no time. For three pictures: see below (or

Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Perfect wheel, perfect color for VO 1M. Congrats. Probably my next wheels as well.
I give it a 99 out of 100 though because of the unnecessary silver frame, hope it is even less noticeable in real life.
"The stainless rim protector can easily be changed in case of damage and provides an ideal way to make your rims look like new again or personalize": is visible, but due to its color rather discreet/understated, alike the carved "Motorsport" inscription ("The CH-R wheel incorporates the words "Motorsport" into the front face providing a unique characteristic of this wheel while paying respects to the decades of success in Motorsport"). Both details give the wheel an extra touch design-wise. Looks fine in real life (this Tire Rack detail picture gives a good idea of the contrast:

Originally Posted by ayao View Post
the color! I want that color for my AW ...
For drooling purposes: check Golo's 20" set-up below.

Time for some pictures.

Brilliant Silver:
Name:  BBS_CHR_Silver.jpg
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Brilliant Silver (19") on VO (pictures courtesy of Dackelone) (although the color of the "Motorsport" inscription seems to be more like the one featuring on the Satin Titanium version - maybe distorted color by the camera flash):
Name:  BBS_CHR_Silver_VO.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_Silver_VO2.jpg
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Brilliant Silver (19") on AW (pictures courtesy of Chris ABP):
Name:  BBS_CH-R_Silver_AW2.jpg
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Size:  193.0 KB
Name:  BBS_CH-R_Silver_AW1.jpg
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Satin Titanium:
Name:  BBS_CHR_Titanium.jpg
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Satin Titanium (19") on VO:
Name:  BBS_CHR_Titanium_VO1.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_Titanium_VO2.jpg
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Satin Titanium (20") on AW (pictures courtesy of Golo):
Name:  BBS_CHR_20_01.JPG
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Name:  BBS_CHR_20_02.JPG
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Name:  BBS_CHR_20_03.JPG
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Satin Titanium (19") on BSM (picture courtesy of Chapman1977):
Name:  BBS_CHR_19_ST_BSM.jpg
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Satin Black:
Name:  BBS_CHR_Black.jpg
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Satin Black (19") on AW:
Name:  BBS_CHR_Black_AW.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_Black_AW2.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_19_AW.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_19_AW_01.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_19_AW_02.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_19_AW_03.jpg
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Satin Black (19") on BSM:
Name:  BSM_CHR_1.JPG
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Name:  BSM_CHR_2.JPG
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Satin Black (20") on BSM:
Name:  BSM_Black_20_1.jpg
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Name:  BSM_Black_20_2.jpg
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Name:  BSM_Black_20_3.jpg
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Name:  BSM_Black_20_4.jpg
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Satin Black (20") on VO:
Name:  BBS_CHR_20_VO_1.jpg
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Custom colored BBS CH-R wheels (presumably photoshopped) by board sponsor "BaanVelgen" (The Netherlands) (

Name:  BBS_CHR_Red.jpg
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///M Blue:
Name:  BBS_CHR_Blue.jpg
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Name:  BBS_CHR_Bronze.jpg
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