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mike the snake

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I finally recieved my JBspped rear trunk spoiler. It looks good, quality and finish look good. No "holidays", or clear spots visible when held up to the light.

The front edge is a little warbly, but if the adhesive does it's job and holds the front edge firmly to the trunk, it should be fine.

I know the stock, and most aftermarket spoilers are held on with double sided adhesive tape usually. I am wondering if a rubber type glue can be used?

She Goo, and "Amazing Goop" basically the same thing as Shoe Goo, are rubber based glues. I have used these glues for many things, and they are amazing glues.

I've thinned them out with Toluene, which i believe is the solvent agent in these glues, and I'm wondering, if I use Amazing Goop to install my new spoiler, does anyone think that the solvent might affect the paint?
Gasoline has toluene in it, and drops of gas from the gas pump don't seem to affect the paint, but the glue would have the solvent in contact with the paint for a longer time until the glue cures.