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Originally Posted by ryan.ferguson View Post
quick side note, how do you like your ER charge pipe/bov?
ER Charge pipe is great, quality piece of work and highly recommended

Originally Posted by Xaeryan View Post
Fantastic photos (great macro mode), great depictions added, and very good descriptions...

I vote you (re)make all the DIYs from now on. Get to work.
Haha yeh if only I had the time!

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
bmroxm5 - did you happen to peek down your intake valves? Any carbon buildup>? Photos??? Seems like replacing a HPFP and doing a intake valve carbon cleanup has a lot of labor over lap.
Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
My thoughts exactly.
Yeah! I had a look down my intake valves... there was definitely carbon build up (was hard to get a good pic due to not much lighting inside the valve lol but I'll maybe later post up the pics I tried to take...
It wasn't as bad as some people's I have seen, but definitely a light to moderate black coating on the valves.

I'm not sure how to clean the intake valves though? The carbon buildup is seriously caked on and I think it needs to be sand blasted?
Perhaps you could use a wirebrush or something.. but all that will do is dislodge the carbon into the cylinders? Unless you vacuum it out.. anyway as you can see I'm not really sure how to clean the intake valves.

If someone lets me know then I will do another DIY

Originally Posted by 1Fasst1 View Post
Thanks for such a super job of this DIY. This is the kind of info we need on this forum.