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Originally Posted by bmroxm5 View Post

Yeah! I had a look down my intake valves... there was definitely carbon build up (was hard to get a good pic due to not much lighting inside the valve lol but I'll maybe later post up the pics I tried to take...
It wasn't as bad as some people's I have seen, but definitely a light to moderate black coating on the valves.

I'm not sure how to clean the intake valves though? The carbon buildup is seriously caked on and I think it needs to be sand blasted?
Perhaps you could use a wirebrush or something.. but all that will do is dislodge the carbon into the cylinders? Unless you vacuum it out.. anyway as you can see I'm not really sure how to clean the intake valves.

If someone lets me know then I will do another DIY

Harbor Freight sells three different walnut blasters. They work well in removing carbon buildup and are very affordable.

A freind fo mine used SeaFoam to clean his intake valves on his RS4. He tore off the intake manifold... then spray down the valves twice per day (AM and PM) over three days. After awhile the carbon absorbs the SeaFoam and gets softer. He then used some detal picks and scrapers to remove the builtup carbon. He also used a small vacuum to remove any left over bits.

Afterwards... he said he noticed his RS4 engine really pulled much better at high rpms than it did before the cleaning. He thought maybe 40 Hp gain, bc of how much buildup he had on his intake valves.