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mike the snake

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I am in the process of trying to install my JBspeed rear wing.

The fit is OK. The wing doesn't just "fit", as it needs to be tweeked at the edges for them to stay down and flat.

The double sided tape sticks with authority on the smooth rear contact area of the wing, but the front area is rough, and I'm not sure if the tape will be able to hold the tips/edges down. The way the wing fits, the tips will be under tension, and I fear that they'll lift up once the car is exposed to the sun/heat.

At this point, I am tempted to use the glue, instead of just the supplied double-sided tape.

I'm going to test the GOOP glue, and if it doesn't hurt the paint, I'll use it on the front edges and tips.

Once i figure this issue out, the wing looks like it should fit well and look good.