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Originally Posted by Zuzu View Post
Ok.. have gained 12Kw ATW with the N55 mids..

Dyno chart shows runs with "M" button OFF at 242.5Kw, then with "M" button activated on 258.1Kw ATW

Stock runs with OEM 1M mid pipe with "M" button activated was 246Kw ATW.

"M" button activated makes a 16Kw difference on Dyno charts..
So I'm all kinds of confused by this M button thing.

First, your car was making 330 hp at the wheels stock, which would be high on a DynoJet but seems way high on a Dyno Dynamics? I think they read over 10% lower than DynoJets, meaning you'd be making ~370 at wheels with a DynoJet, stock? Seems high, so my first question is, are these corrected (for temperature, etc) numbers?

Then picked up 16 hp with the mid-pipes. Seems a bit more than I would have expected, but maybe in the range?

Finally, and this is where I get really confused, you show 21 hp at the wheels with the M button? As others have said, I've been told that it doesn't increase power. My first thought was that the car was in "overboost" mode with the M button on and not in the other run, which would make some sense as it clearly shows more boost, but even then up at the top where the boost is close to the same the M button is making more power.

Do you have pre-modification dynos with and without the M button that you could post? Is is possible that the car was heat-soaked for one run and not the other? Can you confirm the car is stock with no other mods (flash tune?).

Very strange. If the car really is making more power in M mode a bunch of people here are going to want to know about it...
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