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Originally Posted by clived View Post
Surely, from the figures you've posted, it's a 12.1Kw difference? (246 stock with M activated vs 258.1 with the mid pipes on and M button activated 0 258.1 - 246 = ???

The results worry me in any case - power should be the same with th M button on or off if you're WOT, so I wonder if there is an error in the procedure?
No error in the procedure..
Dyno your car by a pro race shop with a highly qualified operator and see what results you achieve..

Had 5 runs.. 1 with "M" off.. then 4 with it on..last 2 runs where consistent..

First dyno was two weeks previous and the temps on that day where 26 Deg C against yesterday 20 C.

6 cars went on the dyno yesterday.. Some made power and some didnt..All within the expected range.
Dyno has been calibrated frequently as part of its ongoing maintenance.

Originally Posted by Imran@Evolve View Post
That gain for the midpipe does not match up with our back to back testing although our test car already had Evolve Catless DP and Rear Exhaust. Will post up dyno in separate thread.

Originally Posted by Aussie_in_London View Post
Did anyone replace the 3 gaskets when fitting the midpipes?

I think there would really be no need for myself as I only have 1900miles on the clock and its 3 months old......
No need to replace gaskets..