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Originally Posted by Zuzu View Post
The runs with the "M" button off where performed initially followed by the runs with it activated..

No offence to anyone, but the figures are proof and I have had my car at two independent dyno shops with similar figures..

If you doubt, just pay the money and do your own your testing..
Well I'd say we're just asking for clarification at this point. Doubting may come later. I'm certain we'll get some more tests, and some of the guys with boost gauges will mention if they see a difference in boost. I'm also pretty sure tuners know how the software changes with the M button...

So, was the car fully warmed up, oil to temp, etc prior to the runs without the M button?

And were the dynos corrected for the conditions, or was this a raw, uncorrected output?

Why don't you start a thread on the main forum about the M button adding more power? Or I can- I'm sure most of us want to know.
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