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Originally Posted by 1SerieStud View Post
Thank you sir. Yes I love it, and I came from a 135i, so I certainly love both cars!

The entire front end of my car has clear bra protection (headlights, bumper, hood, fenders), also the mirrors, the entire side skirts, and the front and rear of the fender flares in the back. I went overboard but I have OCD-like tendencies with my car lol. By the way, I also picked what's considered to be the best film out there combined with what I considered to be the best installer I know (he's done 5 of my prior cars plus the cars of a few friends)...the reason I mention all this is that these factors certainly affect overall pricing.

What I can tell you is that my installer offers very competitive pricing and he's always cheaper than the competition, he is also very meticulous so I trust him blindly with my car. By the way, I have NO affiliation with him nor do I benefit in any way by recommending him. Based on how many panels you choose to cover and the type of film, expect to pay anywhere between 500-800 bucks. Yes it is pricey, it may or may not be worth it to many...I rather protect now than to repaint later
wow, that's a lot to consider lol, but I am definitely interested. As the date gets closer to my delivery I will def. reach out to you and get your installers contact information. Thanks for the info!