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Originally Posted by 1SerieStud View Post
I went to the dealer the other day to pick up the performance spoiler, and the people came out to see the car...the general manager came out and said "I know on your previous car you had the clear bra installed right away, why is it taking you so long to have it installed on this one?" ... I couldn't help but to laugh and told him to look much closer. People don't even know it's there haha when you look for the lines you can find them, but they are rather difficult to see at first (even second and third) glance!
I always wanted a bra but that line comes out really clearly on a dark car like mine, so I never went for it.

I regret that immensely 70K miles later. The stones used my front roundel as a target!

So yeah OP go for the bra if you can. BMW paint is very soft and chips easily.