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Here are some tips that may or may not help.

1) In order to remove the clips on the wires to the sensors (on shroud) you need to apply a fair amount of force. They have barbed type teeth that bite into the plastic, so the only way to remove them is really to pull them back towards you hard. I had originally cut the tape holding the wire and only later realized that I could have just pulled the clip off all together. Fortunately I had some gaffer tape laying around so was able to retape the wires back on just like new.

2) The instructions say to connect the catch can to the hoses and remove the air inlet line so that you can swing the can into place. I found you don't really need to remove that air inlet line as you can just push the hoses on the catch can with it pretty much in place.

3) Don't drop any tools into the engine bay! I managed to drop the catch can clip and had to remove part of the bottom pan in order to retrieve it. I also managed to drop a socket with extension attached that to my surprise did not end up landing on the ground. I couldn't find the lost socket for 1/2 hour or so and ended up having to jack up the car and remove the entire lower pan. A total waste of time that could have been avoided!