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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
That's a great price for this setup.

I was thinking that an exhaust shop could easily cut out the secondary cats and weld in a same diameter tube in it's place.
It would probably cost less, but at about $370 it's not bad.

Since this won't throw codes, I'll ask a shop how much to cut and weld.
Can't be too pricey and no need to disconnect what's their, unless of course they can't get to it while the system is in place.

Those that have done this yourselves, does it look like there's room to cut and weld in a couple straight pieces while everything is still bolted up OEM?
I have been emailing back and forth with them and there is a shipping policy that states mid-pipes are a flat rate $75 shipping cost regardless of what they email quoted price states. Apparently there are limitations to the software the ties shipping costs to certain parts. I agree that even with the $75 shipping cost their price is somewhat competitive. My dealer quoted something around $433.

In regards to having a shop cut out the secondary cats on the original pipe I guess you could do that but I'd rather keep the original and buy a new N55 mid-pipe. Best of luck in whichever direction you choose.