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Whoa cowboys...more info to follow.

- 924€ is only for those with tax-free status. 1100€ otherwise.
- Not sure whose car I drive yet...if I drive mine I want a discount also, from my research...we drive the M3.
- No...not two days of driving, from what i saw in other forums, meet the night before, stay at a BMW sponsored hotel, get some goodies ( I saw some of the two-day guys got jackets and helmets...not sure if the one-day class gets swag), next morning at track..done by 5:30pm.
- Directly from BMW website: Instruction to include theory of driving dynamics, practical driving exercises, 1 overnight stay with full board in single room, insurance

But that being said, everything I've read about this says it's worth it. Also, understand that the two-day class is anywhere from 2300-2500€ this represents a bargain shared with only 9 other students. And this one is suppose to be in English for us language challenged expats.