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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
I don't think that's right. 5917 VIN should be 002/220. All you have to do is sort the spreadsheet by country and look at the far left column. The only people who should purchase with caution is the first 20 or so of the 740 US members, because there is some uncertainty with a couple PRESS cars. Beyond that you should be ok with the number in the far left column after you you sort to show only USA.
Agree with sorting by country. But I am not sure we can go by far left column #. I exported to Excel and filtered by USA only. The number in column A(far left column) is in 200+ where the actual count of my car is below 140(in VIN order).
It may be a good idea to add another column on spreadsheet showing # out of 220 or 740. Otherwise there will be two people ordering sticker for same number(depending on how they count).