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Originally Posted by Zeros and ones View Post
ok.. the lambo doors I can see why someone would comment.

But guys, don't be hating that he got a 1m fenders and bumper.

What is the difference between what he did and a e39 guy getting m5 bumper front/back. Or even a e46 getting m3 bumpers in the front.

or would a 2003 540i be posing to be an M5? cause looks wise all it is missing is a quad exhaust and the oval mirrors. (Taking about exterior only)

Or what about the e82 guys getting a quad exhaust on there cars? are they trying to be 1m posers too?

or how about 128i (like myself) that has the M-sport package from factory posing to be 135i?

I wouldn't buy those parts for my car. What I would get is the 1m bumper made by Kerscher.

Overall I think it looks great... but with the front being much wider than the back now.. make the car look a bit weird.
Nope, stock the front end is 1.5 inches narrower than the rear, the 1m front end should come close to perfectly square.