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I can't think of anything interesting to put here.
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Originally Posted by Pangloss View Post
Are you kidding? How do you think the City of East Bumblefrack is going to pay for that new water fountain and next year's Independence Day parade? :-)

But seriously, I got a legal amount so I'm not a good one to ask, sorry. (shrug)
Originally Posted by NCE46 View Post
I have 20% and have been living in orlando for about 5 months now and no problems obviously haha. i've heard of many people getting tickets for limo tint recently so maybe you're better off getting 15%. Then again the bmw owners i know around here with limo have never gotten stoppped.

lol thanks for the advice! I know so many people that have straight up black windows and for some reason they don't seem to have problems...luck of the draw?