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Top Speed in the 1M?


I was in Germany today on the Autobahn (visit at the Techno Classica)! So, on my way back home, there was an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster , in front of me on the 'Autobahn', and no speed limit!

So, I would test my 1M, went to 270 km/h on the speedometer, and 258 km/h on my portable GPS!
Aston was impressed, i only was 80-100 m behind him during 5-6 km!

1 hour later, same game with a new Porsche GT3, ok, it was much faster than me, so not really a chance to get him, but i came to 267 km/h on my GPS, it was a slightly downhill part of the Autobahn ! So, i was really impressed about the 1M!

I thought the 1M is blocked at 250 km/h??

My 1M is absolutely stock!! I have a crappy Iphone-Pic, to proof the 258 on the GPS!!