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Originally Posted by scotth944 View Post
Do you think this sensor info is the same as what shows up in the CAN bus which I can see in my display of the performance steering wheel? If it is, I wouldn't be surprised if the traction control and perhaps side impact devises would be effected if this was disabled. It would be nice if we could just pull the fuse on the traction control module (valves) which probably executes this feature; at least when the car is being used at the track.
Don't know whether or not this sensor info would be displayed.

And I suspect you're right that attempting to disable CBC by pulling fuses for the DSC module might also disable ABS. For this reason, tricking the transverse acceleration sensor may be the better solution.

I'd prefer keeping the ABS, even for use on the track, since I don't have a large enough tire budget to replace flatspotted tires...