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I have eaten through my rear tires after 6k miles (the potenza RE050A RFTs) and was also considering the MPSS. Great to learn that they will fit in slightly larger than stock configuration.

I have 3 questions though:

1. When you guys say "stock suspension" are you referring to the "standart suspension" or the 'm-sport package suspension" which lowers the car by 15mm over the standart suspension? Will the tires rub on an m-sport pkg car?

2. How much does the 255/35R18 MPSS tire stick out over the stock 264 wheels? Any upclose pictures?

3. Since my fronts still have plenty of thread left, I can replace the rears and another 6 months from now the fronts. Would I be crazy to go driving around spiritedly on twisty roads with the 255 MPSS rear and the original potenzas up front? I assume I would notice a significant increase in understeer since the MPSS are gripier and larger than stock on rear, while the originals remain up front.