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Originally Posted by EINSER M View Post
und made in Deutschland!
Really, you're going to throw the made in Germany card out with the pictures you posted? Lets face it the Wagner is a cheap unfinished bootleg copy of the Helix. It has 2 cores welded together to create the stepped section, is not finished from a manufacturing standpoint ie unground turbulent ledges in the inlet and outlet, is cheaply painted to cover up awful welds and to skip the final finish/polishing steps, has multiple different cores(i have personally seen an array of different fin densities and core types) with NO R&D or datalogs to back(ANY or ALL of) them up(and yes those are cheap chinese cores-one look at the cheapest ebay intercoolers tells that tale). Just to let you know I have a US patent pending for the stepped core concept/multidimensional heat exchangers dating back to my original engineering drawings in 2007 and its GREAT to know that Wagner has a US branch/distributor thanks for bringing this to my attention!

What no Die Grinders in Germany?

2 cores welded together!

Bad puddled TIG welds and COVERUP PAINT!

Quotes taken from a Wagner customer GI Joe:

"Unfortunately the peeling paint is visible, which is why it is bothering me. I think that any painted/colored FMIC would have that problem though"

"I have tube and fin, and the quality isn't exactly stellar, but it's ok."

Stellar is not a word one would use to describe this!

Since you can get the same core on a $59(not a typo) Ebay intercooler!

Helix- Quality welds and high polished finish!

Single custom core with rounded face and charge tube bars!

High Density Staggered offset fin core that we chose after testing (yes we actually do R&D and original engineeering) several different variations!

And lastly a Datalog of a 2-3-4 gear run with AIT suppression that is the BEST of any N54/N55 intercooler and tested up to 627hp

It should be pretty obvious why there is a price difference and the Helix price starts at $799, and their is no cutting on 335i and an extremely minor amount of trimming up near the ait sensor on the 135!

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