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Hey Guys,

for the BMW 3.0 Meet we have a NEW!!!! LOCATION, near the BMW-WELT and RAMP at the BMW - PARKING BLOCK/GARAGE beside the BMW-Ramp.

Here the link.,0.008256&z=18

itīs only 10 meters from the ramp and it is because BMW told us we canīt stay on the ramp or infront of the BMW - Welt because we are too much Cars (over 150s e9x and e8x) we already have been there and i only can say its a great location we are on the top of the Garage and from top you have a nice few for great pictures and a lot of space for parking.

Second advantage is, when its raniy we can go down one level!!

I hope it is okay for all but we are too much cars for all other options and this is now the last option, that we can stay near the WELT!!

I see you there!!

and sorry for my bad english...