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Today was 'kind of a big deal'. Jest aside, there was interaction with HVTC management, the foreman of the on-site construction crew and the event's insurance company.

Please be fully aware of your surroundings due to the previously mentioned on-site construction. Underground utilities are being installed from the center of the Best Buy parking lot to the area north of Panera. During the planning stage for our parking area, this construction was carefully considered and it will not enter our area.

After a few whirlwind event insurance sessions, it came right down to the wire with 25 minutes remaining in the workday. All is set. With insurance squared away, please take it on your own shoulders to be respectable and safe. Its all about a great time. Respect and safety are all important parts of a great time.

Weather doesn't project to be perfect but we're generally holding to ‘rain or shine’ to eliminate future unsurety. Only in moments of heavy rain, prominent holidays, etc. will there be an announcement of postponement. Due to the weather projections, tomorrow will not be a full representation of our group but it'll give us an idea of our 'rain on shine' crew.

Weather will also loosen the need for more strict parking guidelines. Typically, we’ll split the groups by style and model but tomorrow should be good with only a clear understanding that the coned area will be set for ‘luxury, classic, exotic and modded’ cars. This will set the tone for future events.

Let’s consider the inaugural a soft rollout…a pre-Grand Opening. Tomorrow is our first! I hope its your first as well but if not, we'll see you down the road!

Rich "Will" Williams