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Originally Posted by Everfly View Post
How come they didnt included the heat gun? If you can find some forks chip in then everyone can save $ just a thought. Or use PVC pipe and your girlfriend hair dryer with some KY haha
Haha I didn't mean that they dont include one. I meant if someone does it by themself they should make sure to heat up the fenders enough. Some people (and less reputable body shops who rush the job) don't heat it for long enough and the paint ends up cracking. I know online shops usually rent it out for a few days for pretty cheap (plus a deposit so you don't steal the roller), and you can get a lot of cars done in that time period. Otherwise, the user HyperM3 does rolling in NJ for cheaper than most shops, and I'm currently in touch with him about rolling my fenders just for peace of mind.

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