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screw creiver or whatever and irvine bmw just sucks. bad experiences from both dealerships. irvine didnt know anything about the 1-series when i went and said i have to come back to talk to the manager about them. creiver or whatever tried to rip me off. sterling bmw on the other hand no problems with anything and they have a costco discount, its not a huge discount but better than nothing
Resurrecting this from the dead.

I'm going to have to agree with this. In January I was trying to solicit a quote from Tom Curran at Crevier, and he refused to bargain with me. It sounded like I was causing him so much extra work because I wanted to do Euro delivery--like I was wasting his precious time. His responses to me in emails made him sound like he was so self-important, probably because I was trying bargain and not buying a higher-end model. In short, don't even bother with Tom or Crevier.