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Originally Posted by thok47 View Post
As someone who might soon be purchasing a 135i with the M Sport package, this thread has been pretty helpful. I'm curious to know, though, what do most people do about a spare once the run-flats have been ditched, particularly on a vehicle with different sized front and back wheels?

On a related note, I have run-flats on my current car ('06 330i) and have driven on a flat one for several miles without problems. They seem to work quite well in that regard, despite all of their downsides.

I bought the euro spare tire/alloy wheel from my local BMW Zentrum. BMW NA does not sell the rubber tire in the US bc it does not have any DOT rating. But... you CAN order the alloy wheel and then buy a new or used tire to fit the wheel. There are also some other BMW online shops that sell a mini donut.


taken from my post #27...

Hi Guys,
Well... I got a spare tire for my 135i. I was really just uneasy about driving far from home without a viable spare. My local BMW dealer hooked me up with a deal. I got a alloy 17 inch wheel/tire from an e46 and the jack kit for the 135i. I paid 220 euros for the tire & jack kit. Here are some pics and the part numbers.
Alloy e46 wheel & tire: 36 11 0 445 045 - 120 euros
jack kit 71 10 6 73 536 - 100 euros
The alloy wheel and tire are very light - about 7lbs I would guess WITH the tire! Also the rim is narrow, 3.5 inches I believe. 3.5jx17. The tire is the same height as the normal tires. When I placed them side by side the overall dia/height is the same. Plus the grey alloy wheel looks way more sexy than a steel wheel from an e60. :P
The jack kit somes with alot of stuff: the Jack & ratchet, wheel chock/wedge, torque wrench, work gloves. And directions on how to change a tire! lol
I also test fitted the mini spare to make sure it clears the 135i's big front brake calipers. It does!! This is really the way to go I think. At first I was thinking of a full size option... but that would really cut down on trunk space. IF I were to get a flat I could always throw on one of my winter tires to get me around. But this mini spare is for an emergency so I don't have to wait on AAA or ADAC to come for hours on end. I think its more for my peace of mind than anything else.