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Was finishing painting my rims out in the garage when this cute sales rep walked up to me and the convo went like this :

Sales rep : Hi, my names Heidi and I'm going door to door asking to see if your interested in our electricity saving outlets, do you have a minute?

Me : Sorry miss, not really interested...

Sales rep : Oh, thanks anyway, by the way, are you painting your rims?

Me : Yep, 7 hours in the process....

Sales rep : Wow, they look really good! Is this a hobby or something?

Me : Sort of...haha.

Sales rep : I wouldn't even trust myself putting duct tape on my car, let alone painting the rims! What kind of car is this?

Me : BMW 135i.

Sales rep : Oh, why is the roundels black and white? Isn't BMW blue and white?

Me : Yeah, I put a black vinyl over the roundels to make it stand out from the crowd .

Sales rep : Ah, custom! Gotcha! Well, I'll see you around!

Me : Have a good one.