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Water Cooling Calipers

Wondering if anyone has considered using a very fine water mist in the brake ducts to cool the calipers during track events.
I used to build water injection kits when I owned a 1991 MR2 turbo, but these same parts could be used to make a very fine mist to cool the air leading to the rotor/caliper.
Apparently they use misting in the brake ducts for Australian V8 super cars.

"10.1.13 In order to provide air for the cooling of the brakes of each wheel, it is permitted to
fit a duct to each wheel which must comply with the following: the intake for the front brake ducts must only be the brake duct opening
in the approved front bumper. the intake for the rear brake ducts must be situated wholly within the
perimeter of the bodywork and not below any point on the lower edge of
the front bumper. forced induction or extraction systems are not permitted. any system or device which varies the air flow in such brake ducts is not
10.1.14 A system which sprays a mist of water into such air ducts is permitted. The
reservoir for this system must be wholly located in the boot/luggage compartment.

10.1.15 Brake calipers incorporating liquid cooling/recirculating systems are prohibited."
Perhaps if the mist is fine enough (about 1.0GPH) it would be enough water to cool the brakes without causing cracking of the rotors.